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Tony Lee

This is Tony Lee, aka sheckii, an Austin Social Media Consultant

Tony Lee's Bio:

Tony Lee started as a journalist, but now prides being an innovative social media consultant in Austin, Texas.

Lee's passion for social media led him to innovate ideas like using Twitter to obtain an exclusive interview from Platinum recording-artist Mike Posner via "The Intrepid," a social-media based newspaper he created that was featured on "USA TODAY College."

Prior to that, Lee created the "OCC Sports Blog," which became the first sports blog for Southern California community colleges in 2009.

Lee, currently freelancing as a blogger and social media consultant in Austin, moved to the city he wanted to live in at the cost of turning down two job offers.

He does not regret it. Lee loves Austin, and will start working at Social Media Delivered starting in January. 

Tony Lee's Experience:

Tony Lee's Education:

Tony Lee's Interests & Activities:

Social Media, Networking, Blogging, Reading, Golf, Sports, Bikram Yoga

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